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Studio Marcelo Bastos is the result of a long-term dream. When it comes to urban architecture, whether residential or commercial, here we dedicate ourselves to the details of all projects for their perfect execution. With a special look towards details such as: lighting, colors, ergonomics, functionality and well-being of each one, all projects come out with exclusivity.

We develop projects that cross different programs and scales, relying on experience and specialized training, in addition to consulting for the acquisition of real estate, renovations or interior design, allowing us to recognize and forecast investments according to the client's profile, thus avoiding undesirable expenses.


Marcelo Bastos

Training and specialization in interior design, with a detailed vision for architectural, interior, woodworking, furniture and lighting projects. Accumulated experience in the architecture and custom furniture industry. Performance in residential and commercial projects, complemented by knowledge and constant research of trends and innovations in the real estate market.

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