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Unique residential and commercial architecture projects.



Studio Marcelo Bastos is the result of a long-term dream. When it comes to urban architecture, whether residential or commercial, here we dedicate ourselves to the details of all projects for their perfect execution.

A history of accomplishments

For 15 years materializing these dreams in different areas of architecture and participating in local exhibitions in the area, Studio Marcelo Bastos stands out for aligning comfort, well-being and receptivity with refinement, aesthetics and functionality. Complete projects integrate our history with multiple competences in the area.

MB_01 (7).jpg

Materializing dreams

We are specialists in realizing dreams, achieving goals, going in search of the project you've been waiting for. A corner, an enterprise, whether to live or work, with the essence of whoever is at the forefront. A foundation that structures everything that is yet to come, that gives harmony to what we have most precious, the people who frequent it.  Architecture is an essentially human tool and this is in our DNA .

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